On the 30th October the band boarded the coach at 7 am to start our journey to take part in the Wychavon Festival of Brass Entertainment Contest. Every year this is a hotly contested date, attracting some of the top bands from around the country.  We came away with the prize of 2nd place, some excellent commentary from the adjudicator and more importantly a very happy band, delighted to be back contesting for the first time since March 2019.

The ‘entertainment contest’ criteria means the band must perform a bespoke twenty minute concert program. Our offering on the day told the story of the band’s experience of the last 18 months of coping with the interruption of Covid. And it really hit the mark.



Our Covid Journey

Moving into a Covid lockdown following our last contest appearance in March 2019 threw the band and all of us into unknown territory…

  1. Into the Unknown from Frozen 2.

But the wonderful spring and summer gave us all an opportunity to understand and appreciate the simple things in life: the sun shone from April to August and we all enjoyed the great outdoors. It was as if someone was looking down on us:

  1. Don’t Doubt Him Now, Cornet Solo played by Rob Perham

Then everything changed. The govt introduced all sorts of measures: ‘Eat out to help out’, the rule of 4,5 and 6, “Go to work, don’t go to work’, enjoy Christmas… but only over a 5 day period. It was chaos:

  1. Lady Gaga Fugue

Then, somewhere, there is a glimor of hope in the form of a vaccine. And the potential for a brighter, normal future. The band secures a new wonderful rehearsal room and everyone is looking into the future:

  1. Somewhere (Westside Story)
  2. Into the Future

We are all so pleased with both the performance and the result.

Onwards and upwards!