The Band have just returned from a great weekend in Torquay, where we participated in the West of England Regional Brass Band Championships, held at The Riviera Centre.  After a lot of media reports and advice regarding the current Coronavirus pandemic, it was touch and go as to whether to event would still be staged, but the very difficult decision to go ahead was made by the organisers, WEBBA.  Only a handful of the 79 bands who had entered the contest withdrew due to health concerns.

After a couple of months of intense rehearsal, led superbly by our new Musical Director, Lewis Wilkinson, we stepped onto the contest stage with confidence and gave a more than creditable performance of the test piece, ‘The Golden Sabre’ by Kit Turnbull.  Despite our best efforts, we were placed 7th out of 14 bands, so do not qualify for the National Championships again this year.  However, we are delighted to end up on top of the table for our section going into next year’s contest, so well done all!

At this moment in time we are unable to confirm whether any of our future booked events will still go ahead.